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Firstly let me say I am so sorry if your wedding has been at all been affected by Covid-19. Weddings are supposed to be a special day full of love with all of your closest friends and family around you.

I know first hand that weddings can also be an incredibly stressful time and I can only imagine how much more stress will be added to your big day while having it in the middle of a global pandemic!

Safety and hygiene have always been at the very top of my priorities but now more than ever I can assure you I have taken every measure possible to ensure that I am working as safely as possible.

Firstly, absolutely everything in my kit is cleaned and sterilised. For my makeup kit, my brushes and all products are disinfected with 70% or above Isopropanol (which as proven to kill the virus instantly). With my hair kit all brushes, clips, combs and hair tools are cleaned or soaked in Barbicide which has also been proven to kill the virus.

To ensure zero cross contamination after brushes have been used on someones face they are placed in a sealed and labelled bag and my work station will be throughly cleaned before accepting a new person. All products will be decanted and if a used brush is placed into an eyeshadow palette for instance, that pallet with be cleaned by spraying Isopropanol and then sealed and not used for 3 days.

I will be also wearing full PPE, including a face shield and mask, apron and gloves which will be changed between client, as well as always regularly using hand sanitiser.

I take this virus incredibly seriously and I would ask you to do the same while I am working with you. It is obviously impossible for me to social distance in my profession but I have taken every step possible to ensure the safest possible working environment.

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