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Skin Care and Prepping for the Big Day!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It doesn’t matter how skilled the makeup artist is, if you’re not taking care of your skin even the worlds most expensive foundation will look like it came out of a bargain bin. Trying to push a foundation onto skin that feels like sandpaper and hoping it lasts throughout all of your big day is nothing short of a nightmare.

At our bridal consultation I will have a good look at your skin, see how it responds to certain brands/products and talk about what skin care and possible treatments I think will work best for you - and most importantly that are in your price range!

I know we’re all busy people, with busy lives and *cringing as I type* rubbing a makeup wipe over your face and falling asleep feels like the easiest option, but honestly, we’re better than that, and we deserve better than that - let alone the planet that is drowning in those disposable sheets. Invest in some flannels rub a gorgeous balm over your face and wipe it off - with a CLEAN flannel, then repeat. Or wash your face with a lovely foaming cleanser twice! Yep, a double cleanse is the most important step in your skin care. A makeup wipe will basically move your days grime and makeup all over your face, and even if you do use a moisturiser or any other skin care product, it’s not going to be able to do it’s job if it’s got to fight through all that crap that’s still on your skin. So yes, please double cleanse if you change nothing else. But please always try and follow it up with something hydrating and always remember to be GENTLE with your skin no pulling, rubbing or tugging at it. This will only show up as premature aging and wrinkles in the years to come.

Just like makeup you don't have to spend a fortune on your skin care to get a good product. There are so many great people on social media about now that can educate us all on this - Alex Steinherr, Caroline Hirons, Nadine Baggot and my amazing friend Lauren @skinandthecity to name a few. Skin care can get overwhelming and expensive I know but it doesn’t have to be I promise! Try taking a look at some of the blogs above, their instagram posts, or YouTube channels they're always full of great tips to take on board and really change your skin for the better.

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