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Looking Like Yourself!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I wouldn’t say your wedding day is the day to suddenly decide you’ve actually always wanted a perm and to rock neon eyeshadow, but if that’s what you want it’s always your choice! I will always give you my honest & educated opinion and maybe on occasions try to talk you out of something if I know you will really regret it. But this day is about you and what you want to look like. As makeup artists we don’t look at people’s faces the way most people do. We see a cheek bones and facial structure that needs to be highlighted or emphasised and maybe symmetry that needs to be corrected. However, form time to time we can hear ‘it just doesn’t look like me’. A lot of makeup artists might say - ‘yeah we’ve improved you!’ But I don’t always feel like that. I want you to feel like yourself and I want people (and your future husband!) to be able to recognise you walking down the aisle! In my opinion you should look like you’ve had the best nights sleep of your life and you have only been consuming green organic foods that have been grown by monks at the foothills of a mystical waterfall... Or something close to resembling that!! We all have to work with what we’ve got!!!

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