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Can you buy the perfect face?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Does the more money you spend ensure the best product!? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Do you think Kendal Jenner promoted Estee Lauder for free and the Hadid sisters just love holding products to their faces suggestively? No. Not even the most hard core of beauty junkies love the feel of packaging that much - with the exception of anything Tom Ford produces obviously. I will caress that shit all day. The majority of a products pricing is often based on how much a company spends on branding. Bourjois healthy mix foundation comes out of exactly the same place as Chanel Vitalumiere. Am I saying they’re exactly the same - obviously not - but is the price difference of £7.99 to £35 warranted based on the actual product. Not in my opinion. (Don’t come for me all you beauty snobs!) For me it comes down to ingredients and application, and what is in the bottle, rather than who is holding it and how pretty the packaging is.

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent years of your life testing out all the newest as well as the most trusted foundations. This all in an eternal search for the one that will finally make your face look like a glowing 18 year old supermodel. It can be exhausting! Leave it to us experts on your big day. Trust me I’ve done the leg work and made little discoveries like The Ordinary that costs just £5 a bottle that looks just as gorgeous as any Charlotte Tilbury product.

However, just because I love to use a product that costs 10% of other products I use. I will still obsess over every Tom Ford, Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury product I have because I am, and will always be a beauty addict that will always fall for a good campaign, beautiful packaging and the promise that some of the worlds most beautiful people swear by it! With all this being said, it is important to point out some products really are worth their price point. The Charlotte Tilbury powders for example are milled so fine they glide across the skin de-shining and filing in any pores or imperfections to completely perfect the texture of your skin. There are also many other brands that really invest in research, only use the very best ingredients and maybe dont have the huge production lines that brands like Maybelline do. All I am saying is just because a product is expensive doesn't guarantee that it will perform better than something half the price. The only way to find out is to put in the research yourself or ask someone like me that has!

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