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Making your makeup last!!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Oh it’s the battle we all fight, checking ourselves in a mirror before we leave the house, thinking we look your very best only to catch our reflection just a few hours later to see our makeup has seemingly vanished. Out foundation has seemingly disappeared and our lovingly applied eye makeup is now being carried in our eyebags. What happened!? Well... probably a few things, for one, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. I mean, we’ve all had an education on this recently but seriously, stop it. That stressful phone call that makes you rub your eyes is not just removing that perfectly blended eyeshadow its also giving you wrinkles. On your wedding day Aunt Mildred cant stop touching your face and that Uncle you always try to avoid is being overly zealous with the kisses. Plus your friends are just so happy for you they can’t stop hugging and kissing you. Well I’m here to say, back the hell up. I’m so happy you’re here but leave my perfectly painted face and perfectly pinned hair out of it. I know these aren’t words you can really say as a bride. But maybe find something gentler along those lines that you think you can get away with and you might just make it to the wedding breakfast without looking like it’s the end of the night rather than the beginning!

There are obviously measures we can take against all of this - the first and main one being prepping your skin. If your foudation is constantly disappearing after application it's probably due to your thirsty sking absorbing all the water in it. Make sure you skin has a good moisture supply before putting anything else on it. (I have another blog post all about skin prep.)

The secod is how we set your face when we’re done. Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ setting spray is an absolute god send and I’ll put as much on your face as you will allow. It is the best defense against attacks of love. There are viral videos of people going swimming after spraying a full face and there makeup going no where.

The other issue is how ‘glowy’ you want to be on your big day. A gorgeously dewy finish is always my dream and when I’m working in a studio environment where I can come at touch it up every 15 minutes it’s perfect. But it doesn’t have the same lasting power as a face that has been powdered and set. There are still gorgeous powders that I use (a favourite being from Hourglass Cosmetics) that set the face but still maintain a radiant finish, but generally for your wedding day it’s about striking that fine balance that you will be happy with!

If we uitilise all of the above we have a great chance of your makeup lasting till the very early hours and it being the last thing you will have to worry about on the big day!

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